‘The CV Method’ Update – 10/08/15

It’s been an exciting road for ‘The CV Method’ so far, but there’s still a long way to go!

Since starting in May, and officially starting the writing part of the process July, there’s been a lot going on. The first draft of the main body of text is pretty much complete, bar a few sentences here and there. Most of the resources have been written out as well, and so the main projects for this month are finishing off the example CVs for you all to use as references, and getting out there and promoting the book!

I’ve had a lot of requests, from both clients and professionals, to include a resource towards the end of the book to help people with their grammar – it seems that grammar is a big problem when writing a CV, as a lot of people don’t understand it so well, or have been taught something different. I’ll be writing this within the next couple of weeks, which hopefully will make the world of difference!

As for marketing, I now have a Facebook page and a Twitter account which are both live now – please go check these both out if you have the time! The Facebook page has a section for asking questions on it, so if you’re stuck then feel free to ask!


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