‘The CV Method’ Update – 17/07/15

This week has been all about research. Researching how to do certain things; how to get the information I want across. It’s also been about researching for parts of the book to help give you guys some more background information and useful studies relating to the field of CV writing.

With the mailing list and free job searching e-course well underway, the focus has been on getting everyone interested as involved as possible – sure, I could just publish the book, but where’s the depth? When I read a non-fiction book I find myself craving more information – I want back-up, and further reading. That’s what the e-course is for – CV writing isn’t just CV writing, but job searching and interview skills as well, so a free job searching course can really help to aid you once you’ve made your CV perfect.

This is also why I’ve created the Facebook CV Method page. This allows you, the readers, to ask me whatever questions you have, and get an answer before the book is published. All answers are posted in The Q&A Room, but if the answer you need isn’t there then go ask on the Facebook page!

All in all, there’s lots going on in the world of ‘The CV Method’. Check back soon for more useful information and updates!


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