Why It’s A Good Idea To Have Multiple CVs

Job searching used to be so simple – you’d write a CV (if you needed one), and then you’d hand it in. Done. Chances were you’d get a job pretty quickly, as there was a lot less competition.

It’s a bit different now, with a bit more competition, but that doesn’t mean that it’s anything to worry about. Yes, just writing a CV simply isn’t enough anymore, but there are still ways of getting jobs that are worth doing – if you’re going to get a job eventually, then why not put some extra effort in?

A lot of people miss out on job opportunities because their CV isn’t actually suitable for the role they are applying for. Job searching becomes a generic process, and generic applications are instantly removed from the pile. To avoid this, you might want to think about creating more than one CV, which can increase your chances of getting into employment. It’s not even that much more effort – you can use the same information from your original CV, but just tweak it a bit. Here’s five reasons as to why having multiple CVs could greatly benefit your job searching.

You can target different job industries:

Some of us have our hearts set on a specific job, and so it’s okay to have just one CV in this case. However, you might just be looking to get a part-time job, or to get your foot on any ladder that will have you, and so you’re likely to be looking at different sectors. You can’t use the same CV for all of them – it won’t necessarily apply to the industry, and the employer might assume you’re only applying to that industry to just get some money.

To fix this, make a different CV for each industry you’re applying for – write that you want to get into that specific industry on each CV, and adjust your key skills and experience according to what is most useful to that role.

Your CV will always be relevant:

If you send a CV over to a company that isn’t relevant to them, then chances are they will throw it out without even looking at it properly. I can bet that if you job search in a way that saves time (we all do it), then you don’t necessarily look at your CV each time before sending it off. This means that there could potentially be irrelevant or pointless information included. You could be missing out on something really important that otherwise would have got you the job. By tailoring your CV to either the industry, the company, or anything else about the role (such as whether it’s full-time or part-time, or if it’s working with a specific age group), then you know that what you’re sending is what they want to see.

You have a choice between different types of CV:

This is a simple point, but having a choice of CVs really does help your job searching. You won’t have to worry that you’re CV isn’t good enough, because you’ve been able to choose one that you think will get you an interview. It also gives you a bit more freedom with your application – generic job searching does save time, but it’s not the most interesting thing to do, and you’ll quickly find yourself losing passion if you’re not putting your all into job searching.

It’s easier to be specific:

As said before, a generic CV is never a good thing. A specific CV not only helps promote you, but also makes it easier for the employer. Don’t make them waste their time by sifting through meaningless information, as it won’t look good for you. Instead, focus on the important details that they want to read, and tailor it to them to give them an enjoyable recruiting experience. That way, you’re much more likely to impress the employer, and so the chances of an interview will increase.

You can submit multiple CVs if necessary:

Every so often you’ll come across a job that might require multiple CVs. This is more likely in senior executive roles, but it does happen. If you’ve only got one, then you’re automatically less interesting than the people who have two.

It might be that you need to send a CV tailored to your experience for that role, and then another CV that is more focused on your upper management roles. Think about it – a whole wealth of information could be missed out by sending only one of these. Make several, and then you’ve got them to hand whenever you need them.


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