Is Your Job Offer Too Good To Be True?

A few weeks ago we had an incident with a client who had found a job that they were very excited about starting. The job was for an online loan company, and involved travelling backwards and forwards between Colchester and London to transport files, and was a driver’s mate position (so no driving required). That was about it., yet the pay was actually rather high. Sounds too good to be true, right?

It turns out that it was. We had a look at the job contract and the Ts and Cs, and something just didn’t add up. There wasn’t that much information about the job, and there was hardly any information regarding formal processes. According to the letter that went alongside the contract, our client had been offered a job without the need of interview, as other applicants had “dropped out”. Even stranger, the job required a security check to be completed that would cost our client £90.

Thankfully our client sent all of the information to us, and we looked into it right away. It turned out that the company didn’t even have a contact number or address, and had been giving out the address of a local business (who was not aware at the time!). We got in contact with them, and then with the police, and the whole thing was put to a stop before our client, and others, were conned out of a lot of money.

It got me thinking though – to some people, this could have all looked perfectly valid. Which is scary. To avoid the same thing happening to you, always think about these questions when you’ve received a job offer that potentially might not be what it seems:

  • Is there a legitimate contract?
  • Have they specified work hours, pay rates, holiday duties, and so on?
  • Is there an interview process?
  • Can you find details of their company online?
  • Is there a proper job application process?
  • Does the job advert make sense?
  • If you’ve contacted them, do they avoid giving away information?
  • Have they bypassed important processes such as identity and criminal record checks?
  • Have they asked you for money?
  • Have you heard negative comments about then previously?

Remember – not all jobs are like this! Most jobs out there are legitimate, but unfortunately the small percentages of jobs that aren’t end up tarnishing them all. Don’t let it put you off your job searching, but always make sure that you are wary of opportunities that seem too good to be true.


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