The Importance Of Naming Your CV

Here’s something you might not have thought about – what to name your CV document. With so much focus on the content on your CV, it’s easy to forget about this one. And it’s also easy to lose potential jobs due to an inappropriate document title.

Before an employer even sees your CV, they will notice the name that you have given it. If it’s the first thing that they see then they’re likely to pay attention to it. If your CV has an inappropriate name, then it doesn’t matter what wonderful things you’ve included in the actual document – you’ve already made a lasting mistake.

There’s only two potential ways that you should title your CV document: your full name and ‘CV’, or your full name and ‘Curriculum Vitae’. So, if your name is Jonathan Smith, you could choose from these two options:

  • Jonathan Smith CV
  • Jonathan Smith Curriculum Vitae

When you write the title, make sure that you use capitals on each word, and that your name is spelt correctly (misspelling your own name is a fatal mistake!).

Whatever you do, don’t name it anything else. Never include any other personal information, as it’s just not necessary. Don’t call it ‘My CV’, as this makes your CV unidentifiable to the employer that you’re sending it to. Don’t type ‘asdhdfkasl;’ as the name because you’re trying to save time, as it’ll only mean more time spent job searching. And don’t include the job sector that you’re applying for in the name either – this suggests to the employer that you’re looking into all sorts of different roles, which could employ that you’re not necessarily that interested in that particular job role.

It’s an easy mistake to make, but it’s also a really easy mistake to never make again once you think about it properly.


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