Some Job Searching Statistics

“The best CVs and applications I have seen are the ones that succinctly and specifically address the criteria required for the role – linking past employments, skills, and experience to the role applied for.”

– Anonymous


  • 75% of employers agree that a well-written cover letter can improve the odds of a less-qualified applicant obtaining an interview (Résumé Poets)
  • A growing percentage of recruiters are using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find job candidates (
  • 76% of CVs are ignored if your email address is unprofessional (BeHiring)
  • 1/4 of decision makers would hire an applicant with experience over a degree (CVCentre)
  • 65% of hiring managers say clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar candidates (CollegeAtlas)
  • Between 2008 and 2013, the interview process lengthened by 27% (Randstad)
  • 69% of recruiters have rejected a candidate based on content found on his or her social networking profiles (InventHelp)
  • The first known CV was written in 1482 by Leonardo Da Vinci (National Careers Service)
  • 38% of jobseekers say the most challenging aspect of job searching is that they have the right experience, but aren’t called back (MedReps)

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