How To Write A Great Application Email

Alongside CVs and cover letters, emails often need to be written when applying for a job. Although this may seem like something you can just brush off (after all, they’re looking at your CV, right?) this isn’t the case at all – the email you send is another way for the company to judge what type of person you might be, and whether you are right for the job. As with the other documents, it’s all about first impressions, and so you need to make sure that your accompanying email is written to perfection.

There’s two types of emails that you might find yourself having to write – an email accompanying your CV and cover letter, or an email requesting job vacancies with a specific company. Both are slightly different, and so need to be worded according to what you are actually looking for.

The email accompanying your CV and cover letter for a specific job vacancy is quite simple – there’s no need to promote yourself here, as that’s all featured in the documents you are sending. Don’t send your CV for a job vacancy without your cover letter, as it just looks like you haven’t gone to the effort you could have done. Instead, keep it short – address them by either their full name (if you know it) or ‘To whom it may concern’, and sign off the email with a ‘Kind regards’ and then your full name. The content in the middle only needs to be one or two sentences – mention that you have attached your CV and cover letter, and also specify which job role it is for. You could also say that you are looking forward to hearing back from them in the near future.

The second type of email – the general job vacancies email – is slightly different. Here you are not applying for a specific role, and so you will not be attaching a cover letter alongside your CV. Instead, you need to get the cover letter information into the body of the email, but make sure that it applies to the range of vacancies that you are requesting information about. Focus on your skills and what you can bring to the company, as well as what you are looking to get into, and why you are looking for vacancies at that particular company. Remember to mention why you are emailing (you wish to find out more information/apply to any upcoming vacancies within a certain sector), and use the same formalities as before. Also mention that you have attached your CV.

That’s how to write both emails – you’re not done yet though! You also need to consider your subject line – keeping it organised helps the company, and makes you look good. Include your full name, what you have attached, and the role you are applying for (if you are sending a general email then just use ‘General Vacancies’. It should look something like these two:

  • John Smith CV and Cover Letter – Retail Assistant
  • John Smith CV – Upcoming Vacancies

This way, the reader can clearly see what the email is about before they even open it. Also make sure that you have proofread your email thoroughly, and that you are sending the email from a professional email address. Once you have sent it, make sure to make a note that you have done so, and then the rest is down to the recipient.


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