Careers Guidance

As you all know (or hopefully have worked out by now), I specialise in helping people work on their CVs and find employment. I have lots of experience in this field and, now I’m in a new careers guidance role, am able to study my level 6 diploma in Careers Information and Advice. Which got me thinking – why not blog about this too?

Although many in my audience are unemployed, or seeking new employment, a lot of people are also careers professionals themselves. I want to offer them something more as well, and careers guidance information can be incredibly useful to both adviser and job seeker.

My plan is to write regular blog posts on things that are relevant to what I’m currently studying – so hopefully a combination of careers guidance theory and some helpful practical stuff as well! I now work in a school as well as working on my book and CV writing, and so there should be a really interesting range of topics to be covered.

Let me know what you think – the blog should start happening in June sometime.



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