About The Author

With a wealth of first-hand experience in writing CVs, author Hannah Read has found it frustrating how many people just haven’t been taught how to write an effective one. Even more frustrating is that the people helping to write jobseekers write their CVs often haven’t been able to access up-to-date training.

This lead Hannah to write her first non-fiction book: ‘The CV Method’. The book provides a step-by-step guide to CV Writing for all people, whether they are jobseekers or employability advisors, and contains plenty of useful resources and example CVs. The method has designed to be as simple, yet also as detailed, as possible, and written in a clear format that everyone can understand.

Alongside the book, Hannah also publishes regular CV-related articles on this very website, and hosts a ‘Q&A Room’ on Facebook, where people can ask job searching questions and get answers provided for them. Alongside this, a mailing list has been provided completely free of charge for subscribers which contains many helpful resources for jobseekers. Hannah also has a Twitter page which has regular updates and useful information.

If you’ve got questions about your CV, then don’t hesitate to join the group and sign up to the mailing list today!

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